Fieldmagic allows you to keep track of all your enquiries (sometimes referred to as 'leads') and the related communications you have with them. Often you will want to connect your website enquiry form to Fieldmagic to capture all the enquiries that come through and then evaluate them prior to converting them to a quote. 

Step 1: Click Add

Here we are simulating a new enquiry taken over the phone:

Step 2: Enter Enquiry Details

Enter in the key details of the person, including First and Last Name, Email, Phone Number(s) and Company Name as in the below sections: 

Note: You can save multiple email addresses by typing in each email and hitting Enter on your keyboard. You can also mark an email as the primary email by clicking on it. 

Step 3: Using Auto Address Completion

Fieldmagic provides built-in address auto-completion. This works by searching for a possible matching address as you type in more and more address information. Below, we are searching for '12 Cowcher Place' in Belmont. As you can see, Fieldmagic is suggesting possible matches. 

Note: Fieldmagic will also support a Lot Number entered for locations that do not yet have Street Addresses, as well as manually entered in geolocation data.

Once you have selected the address that matches your search, simply select it and the address will be populated into the address fields as shown in the now completed address entry: 

Step 4: Save

Once you have ensured all the correct detail has been entered, you can click Save to save your entry:

You should see a success message as shown in the below example, which will disappear after a few seconds. Your newly created lead record will be displayed in the top of your Leads list: