Fieldmagic allows you to set-up additional users in Fieldmagic by means of inviting both Desktop Users and Mobile Users to your system. 

Step 1: Settings

If you are an Administrator user you can access the Settings area by selecting the gear icon in the top right-hand menu:

Step 2: Select 'Manage Users'

Scroll down and select Manage Users to invite new users to Fieldmagic:

Step 2: Select 'Invite'

Step 3: Enter invitee email addresses and invite

To invite both desktop and mobile users, enter each email on a separate line as in the below example by typing in the email and then pressing 'Enter' on your keyboard so that each email address is greyed out as below: 

Step 4: Update User Details

Once your users have accepted their invites, you will be able to see them in the users list and will be able to edit their details by selecting the pencil icon as highlighted below:

This will show the following screen where you can update their Locale (English, Tagalog and Spanish) and update billing information including setting their license type: