Fieldmagic allows you to set-up Job Checklists for use on both your Simple and Project type jobs. 

Step 1: Settings

If you are an Administrator user you can access the Settings area by selecting the gear icon in the top right-hand menu:

Step 2: Select 'Checklists'

Scroll down and select Checklists to start creating your first checklist:

Step 3: Click 'Add'

Select add to start creating your checklist:

Step 4: Name your checklist

Name your checklist and select Checklist Type as Job Checklist:

Step 5: Start building your checklist

Now it's time to start defining your checklist by adding prompts. 

Fieldmagic supports the following types of prompts:

  • Pass/Fail: Allows you to define multiple possible Pass values and Fail values. Simply type in each value and hit Enter on your keyboard to save an entry.
  • Field Entry: Allows you to look up a Site or Job Field and allow your field team to update certain fields on a site or job. Any custom field you add to a site or job will also be referencable here. 
  • Signature: Allows you to prompt for a signature.
  • Instructions: Allows you to define a set of instructions for your field team to read. This option allows you to insert values from your site or job into the instructional text as well. 
  • Dropdown: Allows you to define multiple possible dropdown values. Simply type in each value and hit Enter on your keyboard to save an entry.
  • Text: Allows you to ask for a text entry from your field staff. There are no character limits for text entries. 
  • Number: Allows you to request a Number value from your field staff. 
  • Date: Allows you to request a Date value from your field staff. 

Step 6: Linking your checklist to a job

Now that you have defined a checklist for your field team, you can now attach this to any job moving forward in the system. This is done on the job by selecting the Checklist tab as below: 

Your checklist will appear as below on the mobile app for reference: 

Step 7: Previewing a Checklist on a Job from the Desktop

Once a job has been completed in the field, you can view the checklist by selecting the PDF preview button located on the checklist as below:

Your checklist will then be previewed as below with the ability to download or email the report as an attachment:

Understanding Checklist Colour-Coding

When viewing a checklist either via mobile or desktop, you will notice one of the following colours of the checklist:

  • Green: The checklist has been fully completed. 
  • Orange: The checklist is partially completed.
  • Red: The checklist has one or more failed values recorded.