Fieldmagic allows you to drag-and-drop PDF attachments* to merge into your Quote Documents. This is particularly useful if you are looking to present a Quote with supporting material such as company information or specific product information. 

* Required Advanced Plan

Step 1: Select the Documents Tab in a Quote

Step 2: Attach a PDF

Drag-and-drop or select from your Document Library any PDFs you wish to attach to your Quote:

Importing from your Document Library

Any documents saved by your Administrator will be visible as below: 

Updating your Document Library

For any documents you'd like to store for use in Quotes, you can save these under Settings in the Document Library:

Step 3: Re-Arranging Order of Merged Documents

Once you have selected all the documents you'd like to merge into your Quote Document, you can re-arrange the order that they will be merged, but dragging the documents using the position icon as shown below:


Step 4: Preview and Download Your Merged PDF

Select Preview 

Select Download to Download View Your Merged Document

Please note, you will not be able to preview the full merged document, but you will be able to download it to view it.