Use Cases for Quotes

Fieldmagic allows you to create Quotes that can hold multiple quote versions. This is often useful for sending a number of quotes to a customer, each potentially slightly different, and then selecting the winning quote to then progress to a job. 

It is often also useful if you are subcontracting work out, and need to group the various different quotes you receive under one core Quote for ease of reference. 

Creating Related Quote Versions

Once you have created a new opportunity, you can start building your quote versions using Fieldmagic's quote builder.

This will allow you to:

  • Create quote templates for later use
  • Attach documents to your quotes
  • Apply grouping to your quote body
  • Link a Pricebook to your quote - Price books are customer-specific pricing guidelines used for providing special pricing. 
  • Preview your quote prior to sending it

Let's look at how this process unfolds below. 

Step 1: Create a Quote

Create a Quote by navigating in the customer record to the Quotes tab and selecting Create Quotes: 

Step 2: Complete Quote Details

Complete the key required fields for the Quote, including selecting the relevant Site. If the Quote relates to a Custom Location, you can toggle the Use Custom Location option to define a unique location:

Step 3: Select Created Quote

Your newly created Quote will be available from the list of related Quotes/quote versions. Click into this to view the details:

Step 4: Creating Quote versions within your Quote

Once you are in the Quotes module you will need to access the Quotes tab and select Create a New Quote to start creating your first Quote version:

Step 5: Build your Quote

Fieldmagic's Quote Builder provides flexibility to define your Quote in a number of ways. 

  • Select Contact: Define to who the Quote should be addressed. 
  • Select Pricebook: Apply a Pricebook to this Quote to provide specific pricing on the parts and labour included in the Quote. 
  • Select Template: Select from a previously saved Quote template. 
  • Select Format: Select what details you'd like to show on your Quote. You can preview each of the different options to understand what your customer will be able to see with each option. 
  • Add Item: Add a new line item to your quote. This can be dragged and moved. 
  • Add Group: Add a new group to your quote. This can be dragged and moved. 

Additional Tab Options:

You will notice that there are two additional tabs along the top of your quote. These allow the below additional options: 

  • Cover Letter: Allows you to type a formatted introduction to your Quote. 
  • Documents: Drag and drop a PDF document to attach to your quote, or select from your Document Library. Your Document Library can be built by navigating to Settings>Document Library

Step 6: Save and Preview Your Quote

Once you have completed building your Quote, you can preview it by using the Preview option:

Step 7: Send or Download Your Quote

Once your Quote is in Preview mode you will be able to either send the Quote in an email as an attachment from Fieldmagic, or send via chat/SMS or download it as a PDF to send via your own email client: 

Viewing your related Opportunity Quotes

All Quote Versions that you create under a Quote will be visible under the Quotes tab as shown below:


Step 8: Creating a Job from your Quote

The final step once you know which Quote has been accepted will be to select Convert which will allow you to create a Job from your Quote:

Defining your Job Type and Settings

Once you have selected the Convert option, the below screen will appear. 

Key Fields:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Job Type
  • Billing Type
  • Create Tasks for all labour items
  • Create materials for all parts