In Fieldmagic a Job is made up of at least one or more 'Tasks' that need to be scheduled. This allows you to allocate different duties to different team members, and ensure the job is only marked as 'Complete' once all tasks have been completed by your crew. 

How are Tasks Created? 

Tasks are created in one of three ways: 

  1. From the Labour Items added to a quote
  2. Inherited from a project template
  3. Manually created against a job 

Tasks created from the labour line items on a quote

When converting an opportunity into a new job, Fieldmagic provides the default option of including any labour line items added within your quote as 'Tasks' to be created in your job. This saves times and ensures all relevant labour is assigned accordingly within your job. 

Note: There is also the option of automatically creating the material line items on the job as well so staff can see and edit the required materials on the job. 

Tasks Inherited from a project template

When creating a project type job it's often very useful to work off a standard template with common tasks and payment milestones already defined. This creates the associated tasks in your job based on the template, but also allows you to add ad-hoc tasks thereafter to the job as well.

Tasks manually created against a job

In the case where you have a call-out job or need to add additional tasks to a project or existing job, Fieldmagic provides the ability to add ad-hoc tasks and schedule these to your staff as well. This introduces a layer of flexibility to work outside your project template if need be. 

Scheduling of Job Tasks

Scheduling of tasks is best done at the job level as explained in the video below, allowing you to schedule your tasks to various departments within your organisation with filtered views of your staff.