Fieldmagic allows the user to create a quote/opportunity on Faulty assets from an inspection job. This is often useful in identifying products or services needed to fix the Faulty asset. This also enables the user to convert the quote/opportunity to a new repair job which streamlines the process.


The user could create a quote/opportunity from a faulty asset when:


  • An asset checklist is linked to a job.
  • Asset/s are marked as failed.


                When an Asset has been marked as Failed, the user is prompted to enter the fault details as well as option to select product/s required to repair the asset. These details will eventually be inherited to the quote when a quote is created.

To create a quote,  simply follow the steps below:


Jobs > Assets Widget > Create Quote



After clicking 'Create Quote', the user will be redirected to the newly created opportunity and the quote screen will automatically open and will reflect the following information inherited from the faulty assets:


  • The Faulty asset will be shown as Label.
  • The selected product/s including the description, price and tax code will be inherited as a line item under each specific Label. 
  • If the faulty asset does not have a product, only the fault details will be inherited in the description field of the line item. The user should input an item name if the item is a custom product.


Fieldmagic's Quoting allows the user to include on the quote various information such as Contact, Pricebook, Template, Format, Quote summary and item name for Custom product/s.




Sending the Quote:


Once the quote is ready, it may be sent to the client. To do this:


  • Click Preview in the quote screen. This will allow the user to review the quote and check how it will look in PDF format.


  • Click Send Email.


            This will open an email screen that lets the user add recipients, subject and body of the email. The quote will also be attached as a PDF file.




Converting the quote into a new repair job:


Once the quote has been sent and accepted this could now be converted to a new repair job. To do this:


In the opportunity record, click Convert.



The Convert Opportunity To Job screen will open, fill in the required fields:


  • Purchase Order Number/Work Order Number - opens a dropdown selection that lets the user select whether to input PO Number, WO Number or No Order Number Required.
  • Job Type - opens a dropdown selection that lets the user select whether the job type is Simple or Project.




Once all the required fields have been filled in, click Convert To Job


The user will be redirected to the new repair job and automatically links the asset checklist including the assets to be retested.