Fieldmagic allows you to set-up your various different Asset Types and their unique Attributes (sometimes referred to as units of measure or metrics). 

Step 1: Settings

If you are an Administrator user you can access the Settings area by selecting the gear icon in the top right-hand menu:

Step 2: Select 'Asset Types'

Scroll down and select Asset Types to start creating your Asset Types:

Step 2: Select 'Add'

Select Add to create your Asset type:

Step 3: Name your Asset Type and Create Unique Attributes

Once you have named the Type of Asset you'd like to define for system-wide use, Fieldmagic provides the flexibility to define as many unique asset attributes as you require for that Asset Type which allows you to then ensure you are capturing the correct readings and asset values at each service period in your checklists.

An example might include recording the temperature readings of assets, brand types, mounting types, pressure readings and a range of any values required.