Fieldmagic allows you to manually link assets to Jobs that have not been generated as part of a normal scheduled periodic service. This often happens when a specific asset has been created on a site that needs immediate servicing/installation and has to be attached to a job that falls outside of the periodic maintenance schedule.

However, for Recurring Jobs that are pre-setup, the assets and checklists will get automatically linked to jobs as explained in this article.

Step 1:  Select the Assets Tab in the Job

When you have created your job, navigate to the Assets tab as highlighted below. You will see options to select an Asset that already exists on the Site, or Create and Link a new Asset:

Selecting an Existing Asset from your Site:

When selecting an existing Asset, follow the below steps: 

  1. Select the Asset Type you would like to attach
  2. Select Search
  3. Tick the Assets you'd like to add to the job
  4. Select Link All Matched Assets

The selected assets will now be linked to your job.

Optional: Link an Asset Checklist

If you have a pre-determined Asset Checklist that your staff need to follow, you can then also attach this to the Job by selecting the Link a checklist option as below: