Need to send a followup email and have this stored in Fieldmagic for the rest of your team to access and refer to? Simply use Fieldmagic’s inbuilt emailing tool to send your initial email to your customer, and have all replies to the email automatically stored in Fieldmagic. 

Simple, Reliable Archiving Process

You can continue to use your Gmail as normal, just send the initial email out of Fieldmagic to initiate the tracking process! Fieldmagic will automatically append a tracking code to the email sent from Fieldmagic. When your customer replies, they reply to you, and Fieldmagic gets a copy of this email sent to your system automatically. 

  • Always have your email communications centrally stored.
  • Simple process ensures never needing to manually archive emails.

Step 1: Click Send Email

Step 2: Compose Email with Attachments

Compose your email and drag-and-drop any attachments you'd like to append into the file attachment box. Once you are happy with your email, click Send. 

Step 3: View Conversation Thread

To view any sent and received emails simply click on the subject of the email to drill down to see any individual emails. 

Click to drill down: 

Individual Emails Shown:

Within your conversation thread, you will see the individual emails and be able to click to drill into each to view the conversation and any attachments sent or received.