Once you have qualified that an enquiry is a legitimate fit for your business, and they'd like to progress to receiving a quotation, Fieldmagic provides a Convert process which will streamline a number of processes for you: 

  • Checks your Database for any potential matches to records, and identified these for you. From here you can link the enquiry to an existing Customer, Contact or Site record or
    • Create a new Customer (Company Record) in a single action. 
    • Created a new Contact in a single action. 
    • Creates a new Site in a single action.
    • Creates a new Opportunity or Job in a single action. 

If you would like to learn about the Opportunities in more detail, and how Opportunities work with Quotes, please see this article.

Step 1: Click Convert

When in an open lead click the Convert button as highlighted below. If you do not see this button, then the lead has already been converted:


Step 2: Deduplication Check

You should then see the below window appear which shows you the results of Fieldmagic's duplicate search. As you can see, Fieldmagic in this example has detected a possible matching Site based on the address matching an already existing Site in the system: 

Step 3: Review Possible Matches

If any possible matches to existing records in the system are detected, you can review these by clicking into the highlighted bar to drill down to all matches. You can select from possible matches or decide to Create a New Site. 

Note: Where only one possible match is detected, the match is selected by default as the matched Site

Step 4: Converting Options

Once you have reviewed your Customer, Site and Contact matches (if any have been detected) you will then need to select from one of three (3) possible converting options: 

  • Convert and Create New Opportunity: This will create a New Customer, Site, Contact and Opportunity record, and take you directly into Fieldmagic's quote builder to start building your first quote for your new opportunity.
  • Convert and Create New Job:  This will create a New Customer, Site, Contact and Job, and take you directly into your newly created job to define tasks and start scheduling. An opportunity record will not be created. 
  • Convert Only: This will only create a New Customer, Site, and Contact record.