Step 1: Invite Your Users

If you haven't already invited your users to Fieldmagic, please refer to this article that will show you how to invite members of your team to join Fieldmagic. 

Step 2: Welcome Email Received

Now that you have invited your team to FIeldmagic, they should receive a copy of the below email: 

Note: Users may need to check their Spam folder in some cases.

Logging in Options on Fieldmagic Cloud Mobile App

After downloading Fieldmagic Cloud on your App Store your users should see the following screen. Select the Click Here link to start logging in:

Sign in with Google or Microsoft

On the login tab, simply log in using your Google or Microsoft account only if your invite was addressed to your Google or Microsoft work email account:

Sign-Up Manually

Create your own login credentials and then accept the invite to Fieldmagic:

Following the above steps, your users should now see their task lists as below: