Fieldmagic provides the option of setting up a job as "Fixed Price" which is often a job created from a Quote. A fixed price job invoice will only inherit the line items of the quote it originated from, and can not have any additional time entries or products added to it. 

Step 1: Converting an Opportunity (Quote) to a Fixed Price Job

Select Convert on your Opportunity:


Step 2: Enter in Key Details for the Job

Enter in all the key details for your job. 

This includes:

  • PO Number (If Required)
  • Billing Type (Defaults to Fixed Price)
  • Job Type
  • Select Winning Quote 

Step 3: Select Convert to Job

Once you have completed Step 2 above, select the Convert to Job button: 

Step 4: Generate a Job Invoice

Once you have scheduled your job and are ready to invoice, select the Create Invoice button: 

Step 5: Invoice is Fixed Price

You will notice that in your invoice the unit price will be greyed out and you won't have the option to add additional line items. This is because the job has been created as "Fixed Price."