Fieldmagic provides the option of setting up a job as "Time and Materials" which is often a call-out job. A time and materials price job invoice will inherit the time entries and parts entered on the job itself. 

Step 1: Create a Job 

Create a Job by selected the Add job button: 

Step 2: Enter Key Details

Enter in the key details for your job including the customer and site location, and set the job to Time and Materials:

Step 3: Creating a Time and Materials Invoice

Once you have scheduled the job and all tasks have been completed, the job will go to the status of Awaiting Invoicing as below. Select Create Invoice to start reviewing the time and materials used on the job:

Reviewing Time and Materials in Invoice Edit View

You should now see the following screen where you can start reviewing any time entries and materials (parts) logged by your staff in the field. You will also be able to add additional line entries as well:

Quick Tip: The Copy actual hours to billable hours allows you to copy the exact time entered by your staff to the billable hours of the invoice. You can also choose to override this figure manually as well.