Fieldmagic provides the option of setting up a job to be billed as "Flexible Invoicing". Flexible invoicing provides the ultimate flexibility as it allows you to create invoices for either a whole amount or fractions of the overall amount and send multiple ad-hoc invoices as you see fit. 

Step 1: Converting an Opportunity (Quote) to a Flexible Invoiced Job

Select Convert on your Opportunity:

Step 2: Enter in Key Details of Job

Enter in all the key details for your job. 

This includes:

  • PO Number (If Required)
  • Billing Type (Defaults to Fixed Price)
  • Job Type
  • Select Winning Quote 

Finally, select Convert to Job to create your Job. 

Step 3: Generate a Job Invoice

Once you have scheduled your job, and are ready to invoice, select the Create Invoice button: 

Step 4: Invoice is Flexible

You will notice that the invoice is flexible allowing you to enter in your own details and amounts: