Fieldmagic allows you to create Asset Groups for scenarios where you may need to service a customer's assets for the same period eg Annually, but break up the service of these assets into smaller periods. An example might be where you need to service a large number of Fire Alarm Devices annually, but want to spread the service across four quarters in the year to ensure all assets get serviced. 

Ways to Set-Up Asset Groups

Asset Groups can either be set-up while carrying out the initial install on-site on the Fieldmagic mobile app or via the desktop interface. We will look at both options below.

Option A: Creating an Asset Group on Mobile

Creating an Asset Group on Mobile

When creating an asset on your mobile app, you have the option to either select a predefined Asset Group previously created, or you can create a new Asset Group. In the below example, we're creating a new Asset Group: 

Step 1: Select Tools on App

Step 2: Select Asset

Select Asset to link a new or existing asset to the Job:

Step 3: Search for Asset/Create New

Using Fieldmagic's inbuilt search tools, you can search via Serial Number or Use the Barcode Scanner. If the asset you are inputting is not found, Fieldmagic will display "No Assets Found" and allow you to create a new asset registration. 

Step 4: Search to See Available Grouping Options

You will be able to select the search icon to view available grouping options:

Available Options displayed:

As you can see below, the technician has options for Q1, Q2 and Q4 but Q3 has yet to be added:

Step 5: Define New Asset Group

To define a new Asset Group, simply type this in and save the new asset:

Step 6: Asset Created

The asset has now been created:

Step 7: Marking the Asset Pass/Fail

To Pass or Fail the Asset, simply long-press the Asset and a Pass/Fail Option will be displayed as below:

Note: If you require a full checklist to service this asset, this can be linked as well if required in the app's checklist section as below:

Step 8: Assets Registered Against Site

The registered assets have now been set-up at the site ready to be scheduled into their groups:

Option B: Creating an Asset Group on Desktop for your Technicians

If you prefer to set-up your Asset Groups for your techs prior to them registering the Site Assets in the Field, this can be achieved as follows:

Step 1: Create and Link Asset on Site

Select the Create and Link an Asset button on your Site as below:

Step 2: View Existing Groups Set-Up

To view existing Groups, simply click into the Asset Group box as below. In this example the Groups have been set up:

Step 3: Name New Asset Group

To name a new Asset Group, type in the name you'd like to define and select Add item as below:

Q5 will now be added as displayed below: 

Setting up Recurring Schedules for Each Asset Group

Now that we have defined and set-up our Asset Groups, these are ready for use by setting up your scheduling. 

Step 1: Create Recurring Job for an Asset Group

On your Site, select the Create Recurring Job option as below:

Step 2: Define First Recurring Job Schedule for First Asset Group

Enter in the key details of the recurring job, including the Asset Group to be scheduled and other key information as below: 

It's a good idea to set the Job Summary to something specific such as Q1 Fire Alarm Devices as below so it's easy to reference the job and see this in the report: 

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 For Each Asset Group

To schedule your next Group of Assets, you would then repeat Step 2 as above and set the Job Date for your Q2 Asset group of Fire Alarm Devices. This will then result in your Annual Service spread out across the year nicely:

Step 4: Generate Scheduled Jobs

The final step in the process is to generate your jobs using the Fieldmagic Job Scheduling Wizard:

Jobs Available for Generation and Scheduling Now: 

Site Asset Summary Reporting View

To view a summary of your Asset Service Status, you can select the Site-based Annual Asset Report: 

Select the Asset Type and Select Preview: