This article covers new feature updates, fixes and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • FC-2096 - Fixed the default tax codes and account codes to display accordingly in the UI.
  • FC-2078 - Refinements to the user registration process and invitation process.
  • FC-2076 - Fixed the minimum amount in quote’s quantity to accept a value that is less than 1.
  • **FC-2058 - Added Customer name in the task list view and in task calendar layout in replacement of the Job Number. This shows as below in the format Customer Name, Suburb:

  • FC-2000 - Fixed the Department field to show when converting a lead.
  • **FC-1516 - Launched the new Document Template Builder: View Related Help Article
  • **FC2042 - Show in the Job List View a Visual icon that indicates the status of an Asset Service:

Red Bell: This Job has one or more Failed Assets that need to be quoted and repaired. 

Green Bell: All Assets have been Passed on this Job. 

Blue Bell: This job has failed assets that have been quoted for. Once the Assets are serviced, the job will go back to a green bell showing all assets have now been passed.

Mobile Fixes and Updates

  • FC-2012 - Fixed the saving of the asset checklist when the asset is newly added/scanned.