This article covers new feature updates, fixes and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • FC-2178 - Fixed the login issue when the user timezone is in UTC-.
  • FC-2152 - Fixed the department dropdown in Opportunities to display the selection accordingly.
  • FC-2150 - Fixed the restoration of dropdown (Dropdown Configuration) for the user to be able to select the dropdown to be restored.
  • FC-2142 - Fixed the deletion of email addresses when saving a record that has an email address entered.
  • FC-2135 - Fixed the "Customer Name" and "City" in the calendar tasks list to be in bold format.
  • FC-2112 - Fixed Items record view to display System tab when an item is classified as Labor.
  • FC-2068 - Fixed the selection of a Site when creating a record to display first the related record to the Customer selected. 
  • FC-2061 - Added a flag (Review Complete, Pass, Fail) to the jobs list view when there is a job checklist attached:
  • **FC-2039 / FC-1819 - Added the ability to cancel tasks

Once the task is cancelled, it will appear as below in the related Job activities, with the ability to click on the task to re-instate if it necessary: 

  • FC-1956 - Applied a new user interface to Fieldmagic desktop's account selection page.
  • FC-1930 - Fixed the display of recurring invoices to only display the invoices related to the Customer.
  • FC-1813 - Fixed the default filters in the Activities module.
  • FC-1634 - Disable the Asset Delete option in the Site when the Asset is already linked to a job.