This article covers new feature updates, fixes and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • **FC- 1785 – Added a Due Date field to set the due date of a recurring job for ease of scheduling:

When the job is generated, it will show the Due Date in the scheduling calendar clearly for ease of scheduling: 

  • FC-2198 – Fixed issues in the Customer Invoices if Job billing type is “Time and Materials”:
    • Fixed Time Entry amount not being added in the invoice
    • Fixed modifying the unit price for material, upon saving the invoice the amount now gets the price in the declared materials in the widget.
    • Fixed Amount discrepancies due to the issue above.
  • FC-2209 – Added a “Mark Review as Complete” button in the Desktop checklist if the checklist has a fault. Also removed the “Review Status” dropdown selection in the desktop checklist.
  • FC-2213 – Fixed issues not displaying the Tax Codes and Account Codes in the Quote line items. 
  • FC-2246 – Fixed exclude from invoice flag issue on “Time and Materials”
  • FC-2241 – Fixed user department not showing in the Calendar under the user's name. 
  • FC-2218- Fixed automated calculation of amount due when there is an existing paid amount and line item is added/removed.
  • FC-2204 – Fixed custom field now auto-populated with the site name when creating opp, job or recurring job under the site record.
  • FC-2199 – Fixed default sales tax code of the product in the quote line item not displaying.
  • FC-1836 – Conversion of Leads to Opp, Jobs or "convert only" when the Leads have no address entered is now allowed.
  • FC-2231- Fixed error occurring when setting the “Completed by” in the desktop asset checklist now to show the correct user completing the checklist. 
  • FC-2257- Fixed an issue when converting leads: Set the Customer Name as the "Lead First and Last Name" if the lead did not have a "Company Name" entered in it. 

Mobile Updates

  • FC- 2004 – Fixed success message when logging materials on the mobile app.

PDF Updates

  • FC-2062 – Fixed “Date Completed” field in the Checklist PDF to populate if the Checklist is answered in the mobile app.
  • FC-2192 – Fixed PDF report to apply the selected currency in the System Configuration.
  • FC-2251 – Fixed incorrect time entry date displayed in the customer invoices PDF. 

Updated Accounting Integrations Available 

  • FC-1993 – QuickBooks Online
  • FC-1991 – QuickBooks Desktop 
  • FC-1990 - Xero 
  • FC-1989 – MYOB AccountRight Live