This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • **FC-1622 – New Import Wizard Released. Available in Settings Area:

To import data, select "Add

Select the module you'd like to import data into and then download the import file template: 

Once you have organised your data into the correct format as per the template, you can then upload this into Fieldmagic by clicking "Choose file to upload" as shown in the above image. 

Data Import Best Practices

  • Import your Customers First, followed by your Sites, and then your Contacts.

Tip: If you have your customers in your accounting system, it is best to import these by connecting to your accounting system. You can do this by navigating to the Connect Accounting Option under your admin settings: 

  • FC-2206 – Fixed saving of existing tax codes and account codes displaying an error “record already exists”.
  • FC-1918 – Fixed Date Completed field in the calendar task to be able to display only once the task is completed. Fixed the disappearance of tasks in the calendar when a task was completed.  
  • FC-2222 – Fixed the opportunity record view to display the “modified by” and “created by” fields when there a custom field used.
  • FC-2288 – Changed the label for account code fields from “Accounting Code” to “Account Code”.
  • FC-2224 – Fixed Number custom fields to accept numbers with decimal places.
  • FC-1776 – Fixed active filter icon in the calendar and fixed the active filter to display the ‘Clear All Filter’ option.
  • FC-2221 – Fixed the filters on views to remember your preference e.g. Show All Jobs Awaiting Scheduling, will now stay set when selected.