This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • FC-2385 - Fixed the calendar to be able to display more than 11 scheduled tasks per user. 
  • FC-2371 - Fixed the disappearance of scheduled tasks in the calendar when going to other modules and going back to the calendar. 
  • FC-2364 - Fixed the Add Image prompt in a checklist to not to be required by default when generating a recurring job that has a pre-attached checklist. 
  • FC-2074 - Fixed the 500 error when saving a checklist in the desktop environment when the checklist has saved first using the mobile application. 
  • FC-1879 - Fixed the creation of a quote when using a quote template not to inherit the quote date used in the template when the template was set-up. 
  • FC-2375 - Added "Items" in the Admin Studio. Users can now add custom product fields. 
  • FC-2160 - Added the ability to split the scheduled task in the calendar into multiple sets of tasks, useful for duplicating a task to multiple users. 

Step 1: Select the Duplicate Button

Step 2: Define how many copies you'd like of the task

  • FC-1884 – Applied a new user interface for generating scheduled recurring jobs and fixed the issue where a user is unable to generate a recurring job if the related customer or site record has been deleted.
  • FC-2331 – Fixed customer importing to set automatically to “Active” if the customer import template doesn’t specifically set the “on_hold” column.
  • Fc-2380 – Fixed generating scheduled jobs to allow to generate jobs with missing site address information like country, states, etc.
  • FC-2343 – Fixed clearing of text in all quick search box after searching.
  • FC-2356 – Fixed updating of records using import wizards to not apply “blank primary email address” when the user doesn’t set any email address.
  • FC-2364 – The "Add image" field on a Checklist when the job is generated from the recurring job is now defaulted to not required. 
  • FC-2403 – Fixed “Demo Data Bell Icon” to not disappear when the user logout or switches account.
  • FC-2411 – Fixed unable to download contact template and import contacts in the import wizard if the Contacts have custom fields used in them. 
  • FC-2422 – Fixed create/edit dialog box to close immediately after the user saves the record.
  • FC-2428 – Fixed 500 internal error when saving with an image from a checklist in a desktop.
  • FC-2434 – Fixed Issue on Subscription when allowing the tracking of location.
  • FC-2338 - Change the Contact first name and last name fields max size from 32 to 64.
  • FC-2382 – The “updated_at” will now update whenever an update has been done in the task.
  • FC-2425 – Fixed issue in company registration with address state from Hong Kong not able to save the company.
  • FC-2383- When canceling a Task, there is now a prompt to display before proceeding canceling a task
  • FC-2189 – Change the error notification message when handling disconnections/timeouts "Unknown Error with 0 status code".
  • FC-2404 – Added a warning message when sending an email with more than 10 MB attached files from FieldMagic.
  • FC-2079 – Added “Job due date” field in the job list view - users can now easily see when a job is due by. 
  • FC-2255 – Fixed the currency symbol for Ruble and Peso.
  • FC-2377 – Added "PO Number" in the job list view quick search to allow users to search for a specific PO across all jobs. 

Mobile Updates

  • FC-2286 - Fixed the capturing of a signature in the mobile application to be able to view it in the desktop and PDF.  
  • FC-2253 - Fixed the Completed Task filter in the mobile application to be able to view more than 10 tasks. 
  • FC-2190 - Fixed the Error Message: "There was a problem connecting to your Fieldmagic Cloud system" that keeps on displaying when logging in in the mobile application.
  • FC-2395 - Fixed the issue when answering the asset checklist in the mobile application 
  • FC-2342 - Fixed the searching of materials to not include labor items. 
  • FC-2309 - Fixed the status transition of a task in the desktop when completing it in the mobile application to now update in real-time to completed on the scheduling calendar. 
  • FC-2300 - Fixed the issue when answering a job checklist that has custom fields from the site, when the job has no related site. 
  • FC-2136 - Fixed the issue when adding the Job Summary as field entry in the checklist making the field as a number field instead of a text area. 
  • FC-1792 - Fixed the logic of how the address should be displayed in the mobile application.
  • FC-2322 - Added the ability to see related contacts from a task on mobile under the tools section as below: 

  • FC-2176 - Added the new logo to the system (Mobile) 
  • FC-1839 - Added the ability on the mobile application to view any tasks that are nearby (based on GPS location from a searchable address) and add those tasks to today's schedule. 
  • FC-2313 - Added the ability for a technician to optimise the routing of today's tasks.
  • FC-1940 - Refinements when capturing an image in the checklist to be able to show the captured date and location. 
  • FC-2440 – Fixed top header of the mobile app in IOS that been cut off after accessing the camera in the checklist.

PDF Updates

  • FC-2320 - Added a Work Order button to the job. This should print a PDF summary of the job including the material and time used on the job:

  • FC-2321 - Added the ability to print an asset report PDF from the Asset record showing a history of all jobs carried out on the asset: 

Accounting Integration Updates

  • FC-2363 - Reckon Hosted mapping changes:
    • For created customers in FM, when syncing, we should include the company name and first name in the address of the customer.
    • Apply a filter on the importing of account codes.
    • Add fetching of updated records from the accounting system when update sync is in process.
    • Add throw exception when converting of the XML format.
    • Add attributes (item edit sequence) when importing items
  • FC-2381 – Quickbooks Technical Review changes.
  • FC-2421 – Fixed when using the sync to accounting button in a supplier record, it will not creates a customer record anymore in the accounting system.
  • FC-2268 – Add an Ability to set a "preferred supplier" on a product, and when converting an Opportunity to a Job, in the job have a wizard that asks which products you'd like to include for the creation of separate POs to send to each supplier.
  • FC-2341 - Updates to accounting integration from QB review
    • Append C / V to supplier and vendors when synching.
    • When importing, strip name from address (architecture).
    • When updating/creating, set addr1 to be our street, addr2 concat of unit etc. (driver).
    • If there is at least 3 of street, city, state, post code, country, create the site. (architecture).
  • FC-2416 – Fixed re-importing customers will now create the site based on the customer if the customer was originally created in FM.