This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • FC-2326 – Added "Asset Type Name" and "Asset Group Name" columns when importing an Asset Template via the Import Wizard in Fieldmagic. 
  • FC-2330 – The user can now use the “External ID” column in the record as a substitute to the original record ID when importing records for matching in the Import Wizard. 
  • FC-2350 – Fixed Global Search to be able to search for records that have been imported from the import wizard.
  • FC-2435 – Fixed unable to upload an image in the checklist for the first time in the Desktop.
  • FC-2454 – All the related tasks in the job will now display in the new Work Order PDF which is accessible on the Job as below: 

Tasks related to the job printed: 

  • FC-2502 – Fixed save button stuck on loading upon entering incorrect credentials for MYOB AccountRight or MYOB Essentials.
  • FC-1822 – Fixed Leads to Opportunities convert issues. 
  • FC-1825 – Custom Fields with Default Value is now setting the value when after conversion.
  • List of conversions supported where fields get copied: 
    • Convert Leads to Opportunities
    • Convert Leads to Jobs
    • Convert Opportunities to Job
    • Convert Leads Only

When the Leads Custom fields have the same fields in the other Modules, it will also copy the value set to the same fields after conversion.

  • FC-2324 - Added Mobile, Home, Work, and Other Phones columns in the import templates. 
  • FC-2329 – Fixed “Assigned To” and “Assigned User” dropdown to not include “Inactive” users in the list.
  • FC-2347 – Importing sites without the “disable_maintenance” column value set will automatically set to “0” after import so Site's are not disabled when importing.  
  • FC-2379 – The City, Zip codes, Country and State are required fields for addresses when importing.
  • FC-2410 – Fixed the asset not displaying the newly added asset type attribute.
  • FC-2430 – Fixed searching of quote template in the quote.
  • FC-2436 – Fixed parent asset checklist status not updating when the asset linked to the job is already passed.
  • FC-2473 – Fixed Custom Fields columns in the "Items" Import template not displaying.
  • FC-2517 – Fixed "Asset Report" and "Linked Job" issues when the related job is deleted. 
  • FC-1081 – Fixed duplication of a quote in the quote list view, where now the duplicate function works smoothly. 
  • FC-1614 – Fixed missing related jobs on assets record view.
  • FC-1657 – Added “Job Report” PDF in the Job Module.
    • Only the Tasks with Completed status will display in the “Job Report”

Completed tasks show on Job Report: 

  • FC-1760 – Fixed subject and body defined in the settings are not applying accordingly in Recurring Invoices automatic email.
  • FC-1831 – The Phone Number/ Email Address of the Contact linked in the contact roles /contacts list view are now showing.
  • FC-1834 – Update the display of the customer list view if “Is customer” or “Is supplier” is toggled.
  • FC-1937 - Selecting a "Contact" from the quote, now displays the contact role related to the Customer and Site of the Opportunity.
  • FC-2165 – Added an option to link opportunity files to the job when converting an opportunity to a new job, so all files associated with the opportunity are available in the job too:

  • FC-2216 - The Address in the record view is now hidden when a site is already selected in the record.
  • FC-2237 – Updated the filenames of PDF after downloading. 
  • For Customer Invoices, Supplier Invoices, and Purchase Order:
     Please prefix the Customer/Supplier name. e.g (Angelo Legaspi - CI-0067.pdf)
  • For Checklists: We now Prefix the Site Name e.g (Site Perth - 000100 - Fire Asset Checklist.pdf)
  • For Asset Reports: We now Prefix the Site Name e.g (Site Perth - Annual Condition Report.pdf / Site Makati - Annual Asset Report.pdf)
  • FC-2277 – Added Fortnightly (Every 2 weeks) on the recurring job period selection.
  • FC-2333 – Added a validation when importing an import template with a duplicate column.
  • FC-2336 – Fixed 1st column headers in the “Success.csv” and   “Error.csv” after importing to retain the original column used.
  • FC-2409 – Default filters in record list view now displaying the complete name.
  • FC-2443 – Changed the "Asset Group" column to the "Asset Type" column in the Generate Schedule Recurring Job Screen.
  • FC-2446- Added loading icon when attaching a file on the email.
  • FC-2475- Added a validation when declaring Discounted Price higher than the Unit Price in the Quote line items.
  • FC-2478 – Changed the “Item” Name in Studio to “Product Catalog”.
  • FC-2483 – Updated the Fieldmagic Logo in the manage subscription dialog (Admin).
  • FC-2493 – The "First Name", "Last Name" and "Name" fields from the Customer Studio Record View are not allowed to be removed from the layout now as these are required fields for records. 
  • FC-2526 – Removed “No Available Attributes” text when editing an asset even if there are custom attributes.



Accounting Integration

  • FC-2399 - Non-inventory items in the import are now included in Reckon Hosted integration. 
  • FC-2373 – Fixed “Send Inquiry” button. This will now send an email notification to the user’s email account and will create a Freshdesk ticket for followup. 
  • FC-2504 – Changed field names and help text on the MYOB company file selection dialog for clearer instruction to new customers connecting MYOB.