This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • **FC-2437 – Added new two-way chat feature between customers and Fieldmagic users.

Fieldmagic Office and Field Users can now send both internal chats to one another and also initiate conversations with customers on SMS. Customers that receive an SMS will be able to access a chat link within the SMS to continue the conversation. 

To begin leveraging the new SMS functionality, you will need to set up an SMS plan under your subscriptions as below: 

Using SMS Templates

These can be set-up in your administration area as below: 

  • **FC-1976 – Added a warning message when a user clicks close or accidentally clicks outside the create/edit forms.

  • FC-2636 – Added “Sort by Product Code” in the Product List View.
  • FC-2637 – Added “Sort by Serial Number” and a dropdown quick filter by Asset Type list view.
  • **FC-2639 – Added “Sort by Customer Name” in the Customer List view.

  • FC-2673 – Manage User Information Changes
  • Move the enable scheduling button to the first tab.
  • Set all users invited to Fieldmagic as Enabled for Scheduling

  • FC-2737 – Fixed department dropdown field is not searchable when typing the name of the department.
  • **FC-2452 – Added Safe Work Method Statement Support for jobs.

Risk templates can now be configured on your Admin section: 

Once a safety template has been set-up, it can be accessed from the Job as below in the Desktop: 

On mobile, technicians will now be able to be restricted from starting a Job before reviewing the assigned SWMS template and signing this: 

Once signed, the technician will be able to start tracking their job time: 

  • FC-2617 – The Primary Email Address set is now displayed first in the list view and in the record view.
  • FC-2619 - Added scroll bar in the log material dialogue box.
  • FC-2629 – Fixed price book items that when removed from the list, the discounted amount will no longer retain the price book price when that item is added in the customer invoices.
  • FC-2635 – Increase the user management “Job Title” to max 32 characters.
  • **FC-2670 – Added functionality to delete existing Quotes.

  • FC-2710 – Fixed price book discount is not applied in the work order line items when price books are used.
  • **FC-1789 – Update file widget to display File type Icon instead of text and shows the actual file type text when the mouse hovers the file.

  • FC-2494 – Fixed image is being uploaded twice in a job checklist when using Firefox.
  • FC-2700 – Update the “Assigned User” dropdown field values to display in alphabetical order.
  • FC-2703 – Fixed the Parent Asset Type field not being saved in the asset type.
  • FC-2727- Removed excess scroll bar in the PDF Previews.
  • FC-2733- Apply the correct message upon creation of recurring job.
  • FC-2166 – Fixed the user invite button to prevent multiple invitations sent to the users when clicked multiple times.


Mobile Updates 

  • FC-1821 –Fixed alignment of icons for schedule date and estimated duration in the task details.

  • FC-2466 – Update the user interface of the mobile app task list.
  • FC-2486 – Update the language selections in the mobile app.
  • **FC-2605 – Added enable gallery access when adding an image in the checklist.
  • FC-2608- Fixed tasks are not displaying in the task list when the device when offline mode is enabled.
  • FC-2310- Fixed mobile app hangs in the time entries when the billing categories contains 3,000 + records.
  • FC-2441- Setting the correct asset type when creating an asset from the asset checklist.
  • FC-2462 – Fixed tapping the email in the contact from the mobile is not opening on iOS devices.
  • FC-2465 – Update the App Logo\ Icon in the Appstore and Google Play Store.

  • FC-2501 – Fixed Client list in the mobile app not the same client list displayed in the desktop.
  • **FC-2506 –Added an indicator in the side menu that there is an active timer ongoing.

  • FC-2509- Fixed recently completed tasks in the mobile app sometimes displaying in the task list view.
  • FC-2538 – Fixed Asset Next Navigation button is disabled in desktop when adding more than 10 assets from the mobile app.
  • FC-1998 – Fixed unscheduled task filter that shows INVALID DATE.
  • **FC-2085 – Added a warning message when the user has unsaved changes in the checklist and accidentally clicks the back button.