This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • FC-2752 - Default all new phone numbers added to "Mobile" Phone Type.
  • FC-2824 – Fixed some sites not displaying in the Global Search.
  • FC-2837 – Fixed issues in the Files widgets.

 This includes:

  1. Unable to re-upload a file from File Widget.
  2. Fixed filename of the files downloaded from the Files Widget.
  3. Fixed unable to Preview PDF from the Files Widget.
  • FC-2761- Fixed sending an Email with Attachments with no Email Body is entered, the attachment is now included in the email received.
  • FC-2769 – Fixed SWMS Issues.

This includes:

  1. Applied the correct spelling for Competency in Management Competency required.
  2. Fixed Task field overlapping on other browsers other than chrome.

  • FC-2794 – Added a filter option for the Job's priority in Advanced Filter.
  • FC-2793 – Added Sorting by Name in the User Management and also sort the users in the calendar based on how the users are being sorted in User Management (admin).
  • FC-2642 – Moved the “Street Address” line on the Top of the Address so that it is first field searchable and Fixed Unit\Location field in the address so that it is not overridden if there is an existing value when we search for a street address using google search.
  • FC-2669 - Able to search a site record selection by typing the "Tenant Name" and "Location" of the sites.
  • **FC-2751 – There is now “Add item” icon in each line items for quotes and work order.
  • FC-2849 – Fixed Configure PDF Header Background Color and Header Text Colour to not return an error when changing PDF Colors.
  • FC-2859 – Include All UIAccessFlags for MYOB AccountRight.
  • FC-2860 – Fixed not automatically setting the job status when to “Awaiting Invoicing/Completed” when there are other activities included in the activity widgets.

Please note that this is only applied on the jobs that have not yet been completed. For the existing jobs with completed tasks, set the job status manually.

  • FC-2725 – When converting a lead, there is now an option to “Link new customer to the existing site” when selecting an existing site.