Fieldmagic allows you to define a number of different safety templates for use on your jobs, including the ability to fully define your SWMS statement. 

Defining Standard SWMS Details

In your Settings area scroll down to Configure System Settings as below and select this:

Once in System settings, select the Safety Tab as below: 

Fill out your standard SWMS details:

This will then be filled out when generating a SWMS statement for a Job: 

PDF Output:

*Note - The PDF will only generate with all details filled in if ALL fields are completed. 

Setting Up Specific Task Templates

Fieldmagic allows you to define multiple different risk templates that can be used on jobs. As Fieldmagic supports jobs with multiple child tasks, a single job can include multiple different risks, each risk associated with a task against the job. 

Task Risk Templates can be set up in Settings Under Risk Templates:

Example Risk Template:

Consider the below example showing a Safety template with different risk templates on each task.

Tasks Shown Against a Job

Each task within a job can be assigned its own safety template:

Select Safety to Start Attaching Risk Templates for Tasks:

For each Task Set a Relevant Template to Manage the Hazard. 

To set a template for the task, start typing as follows:

Once the correct template has been selected, it will populate the task safety as below:

Field User View of Safety Tasks

When risk templates have been defined for tasks on a job, the assigned user will be able to review their required SWMS checklists and sign-off on these as below:


Once all Safety has been completed, the final PDF can be downloaded from the Job as below.

Preview and Download Safety Statement: