From time to time accounting sync errors may occur due to a number of reasons, including temporary accounting system issues. In order to view and fix invoices that have not correctly synced to your accounting system, Fieldmagic provides a filtered view on your Customer Invoices list to view the invoices with errors. 

View Invoices with Errors

Invoices with Errors will display the below message: 

Step 1: Edit the Invoice

Select the Pencil Icon to place the Invoice into Edit Mode: 

The invoice should now be in Edit mode as below: 

Step 2: Select the System Tab

Step 3: Identify the Accounting Sync Detail

The Accounting Sync detail will identify the issue with the sync to your accounting system. The below error for example is due to the accounting system not being connected, or a temporary connection issue. 

Step 4: Review Your Invoice and Adjust Any Errors

Review your invoice to ensure there are no obvious errors. Once done, toggle off the Accounting Sync Error toggle, and also the Sync to Accounting Toggle as below. Then Save: 

Next, click "Sync to Accounting" on the invoice and wait for a few seconds: 

Next, refresh the page and open the invoice. If the Accounting sync error message has been resolved, you will see no error messages on the invoice and on the invoice system tab, and as below, a newly created Accounting ID number: 

What to Do If I Cannot Resolve the Error? 

If the error persists, please contact Fieldmagic Support by Raising a Support Ticket as below, or emailing the invoice number eg CI-0017 to for further assistance.