Fieldmagic's Customer Portal provides a seamless experience, from a contact receiving their invitation to the login experience, and accessing their data. Our team has worked hard to ensure the experience is modern and easy to navigate.

Fieldmagic Customer Portal delivers the below functionality:

  • View current jobs and request new jobs
  • Request new quotes and approve existing quotes
  • View invoices
  • Download job and asset reports

Steps to Setup Your Customers' Access To The Portal

1. In your Fieldmagic desktop office, go to the Contacts module and select the contact that you'd like to give Customer Portal access:

2. Click the Edit button in the upper right corner.

3. Slide the Active Portal toggle button (to the right) then click Save:

Note: The primary email address for your contact will receive an invitation link to the portal

Customer Portal 

Your customer can now log in using the password sent from your Fieldmagic system

Customer Portal Dashboard

This is where your customers can view the status of jobs, invoices, and assets. There are also buttons on the upper right corner for them to easily request quotes and jobs.


The Quotes are all colour-coded depending on the status. Your customers can also download quotes that you sent them or upload files.

Request a Quote


Jobs are all colour-coded depending on the status. Your customers can also download reports for completed jobs.

Request a Job

New Job Requests and Quote Request Notifications

New Job requests and  quote requests logged via the customer portal will be sent to the assigned user of the customer account in Fieldmagic. 

A copy of the request will also be sent to the Email address designated in the Site System Tab: