This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Updates

  • **FC-3167 – Added Site Service Summary Report which provides a summary of all jobs completed in a date range for a site, and any open quotes for that site:

Access Site Summary Wizard:

Select Customer and Sites to include, with a Date Range then Generate your report:

The report will show a summary of the below: 

  • **FC-3024 – Added Job Scheduler, Recurring Jobs and Recurring Invoices to the left-hand menu.

  • FC-3259 – Fixed email receiving issues.
  • FC-3297 – Fixed the searching of checklist dropdown filter on the job module.
  • FC-3337 – Fixed asset attributes not displaying the values in the record view.
  • FC-3298 – Fixed Customer invoices amount display to not have discrepancies in the record view and when trying to edit the invoice.
  • FC-3312 – Fixed searching of date filters (List view) when the user Timezone is negative.  (UTC -01, UTC -02, so on).
  • FC-3256 – Fixed profit is not being updated in the list view when using AD-HOC Items in quotes. 


Accounting Integration

  • FC-3010 – Fixed QuickBooks Desktop timeout connection.
  • FC-3209 – Added search feature for Asset Account Code in the Accounting Configuration


Mobile Updates

  • FC-3135 – Fixed capturing the images using some Android Phone Camera that changes it to landscape view.
  • **FC-1932 – Added the ability to add permanent images to an asset, useful for referencing installations and original set-ups of the asset, and as guidance to identify a specific location of an asset. 

A - Add Stored Asset Images

B - View Stored Asset Images

These images are then accessible on the Asset in the desktop as well: