This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop New Features


  • **FC-3022 – Added Module-specific search in the Global Search, allowing users to either search all records in the system or narrow search down to a specific module: 

  • **FC-3176 – Added the ability to merge records within the system making it easy for users to remove duplicates.
    • A: Search for records that may be duplicates
    • B: Select the records you wish to merge
    • C: Select Merge on the new action drop-down button
    • D: Set the primary value of each field you wish to form the new record


  • **FC-3081 – Added Push Notification for FM Desktop and Mobile app.
    • For Windows OS, users will need to turn “ON” Windows Notification on the Settings to display the push notifications received on the Desktop.
  •  FC-3170- Added Customer Notification Workflow
    • There is a new Customer Notification option in the admin settings to manage the notification settings.

  • You can set the specific notification from the Contact Roles record to Manage Customer and Site Roles Notifications


  • When a technician starts the Travel Timer in the app, it will send an SMS and/or email to the customer or site contacts notifying them (including the ETA or arrival on the job).

  • Time frame to alerts: 24 hours/48 hours (selectable) prior to a task schedule, it will send an SMS and/or email to the customer or site contacts notifying them.


When a job is completed (all tasks), it will send an email or SMS to the customer notifying them, including a link to the report to view and download

When we send the message and if we don’t have an email address / mobile for any of the selected options, notify the assigned user on the customer and site via email.

When we send the message and if we don’t have an email address/mobile for any of the selected options, we will notify the assigned user on the customer and site via email.


  • Scheduled Task Notification.
    - Task that is scheduled under 24/48 hours will send a notification to contacts immediately that are enabled to receive notifications:



  • Reschedule Task Notification.
  • If the user reschedule the task a new Scheduled Notification will be sent to contacts that are enabled to receive notifications:

  • Transit Notification.
    - When a mobile user presses the "Start Travel" in Mobile app, a Transit Notification will send to contacts that are enabled to receive notifications:
    - Requires Location Services to be turned on. 



  • Completed Job Notification.
    When the Job status changes to "Completed" a Completed Job Notification will send to contacts.


  • Job Report is also downloadable when the customer opens the SMS link.

All notifications that are sent to contacts will be recorded in the Job widget Recent Activity:

Desktop Fixes:

  • FC-3423- Fixed Site Service Summary Report when selecting a Start\End date in the Calendar Pop-up to display the correct dates selected after generating a report.
  • FC-3167 - Fixed Site Service Summary Report to display all jobs completed (Completed Date) in the Job Report regardless of whether the jobs don’t have an invoice based on the selected Start/End Date.
  • FC-3390 – Unable to delete the Tax/Account Code when this is in use. 
  • FC-2965 – Fixed unable to search an asset type dropdown list if the asset type is already linked to a Parent\Child asset type.
  • **FC-2749 – Added a prompt to attach a checklist when emailing a customer invoice.

Select Checklists to Attach:

Attached in Email:

  • FC-3201 – Fixed missing Asset Name (Serial Number) after downloading the asset report.
  • FC-3221 – Fixed custom “Number” field to accept a negative value and able to search it on advance list view filter.
  • FC-3227 – Fixed generate scheduled job navigation buttons.
  • FC-3309 – Fixed duplicate task dialogue UI on the job scheduler/Calendar.
  • FC-3313 –Editing a record view now automatically refreshes the page to display the updated data.
    • Customer Invoice
    • Recurring Invoice
    • Purchase Order
  • FC-3340 – The correct icons for “Recurring Job” and Recurring Invoice on the left side menu are now applied.
  • FC-3371 – Quote Version and Work Order description field in the line items is now expand when the user is entering data.
  • FC-3391 – Added an arrow icon on the Quote Profit list view similar to profitability in jobs.
  • FC-3394 – Fixed “Job Task” line items not displaying when adding/creating a recurring job from the list view.
  • FC-3415 – Fixed” Work Order Items” button from the recurring job. This will now work even if no pricebook is in use.


Mobile App Fixes:

  • FC-3067 – Fixed error creating a job from mobile app when fixed price is selected and no default taxcode is set.
  • FC-3346 – Fixed the create job from mobile app to set the task due date when due today. 
  • This also changes the “Due Date Today?” label to “Schedule for today”.
  • After creating a job, it will prompt the user if would like to navigate to a new task.