This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Updates: 

  • FC-3175 – Added ability to have annual and monthly billing plans.

Settings Area:

Change between Monthly and Annual Plan: 

  • **FC-3323 – Added role-based permissions.

Ability to define new permission roles and assign users to these roles. A Role defines what a Modules a User can access and if they can Delete/Edit a record. 

Under Settings > User Management > Manage Roles: 

Add a New Role: 

Define your security permissions of that role: 

  • Enabled/Disabled: Overall Module is either enabled or disabled for that role
  • List: Options include All, Owner and Disabled. This refers to the ability to view a List of Records. If "All" is selected, then someone assigned to that role can view all the records in the list. if "Owner" is selected, then only the records belonging to the Owner can be seen. If "Disabled" is selected, then the user can not view any records in the list. 
  • Create: User can create a record if enabled. 
  • View: User can view a record if enabled. 
  • Edit: Restricts ability to edit records. 
  • Delete: Restricts ability to delete records. 

  • FC-3447 – Fixed Customer Invoice (Time and Materials) when hitting the “X” in the product selection, there are fields that were hidden. 
  • FC-3462 – Fixed merging different sites, customers, quotes or jobs that have same contact role when those are merged the roles displays multiple times.
  • FC-3464 – Allow generating a recurring job / creating a job with an incomplete site address.
  • FC-3471 – Modified recurring job task to allow more than 5 checklists (Max 10 checklists) per line item.
  • FC-3433 – Fixed asset checklist generated from the recurring job now has the same period selected if the asset checklist has multiple periods.
  • FC-3441 – Removed the delete button in the Tax Code and Account code.


Mobile App Updates: 

  • FC-2920 – Fixed custom Currency, DateTime and URL fields when using this as field entries in Job checklist to able now to set the user input values.
  • FC-3443 – Fixed unable to upload images from Add Photo (Tools) if the GPS is On.


Accounting Integration:

  • FC-3478 – Reckon Hosted – Fixed when the value (e.g. line item description) contains apostrophe/ The synching to reckon is failing.