This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Mobile Fixes

  • Barcode Scanner on creating assets is now working accordingly on Android and iOS devices FC-3556

  • Fixed an ability to search an asset from the asset list on Android and iOS devices FC-3557

  • Fixed barcode scanner on Asset list and can now search assets after scanning on Android and iOS devices FC-3559

  • The checklist view is now loading when there is an uploaded image from the desktop on Android and iOS devices FC-3560

  • The profile information including Photos, App Version, Shift, Location sharing etc is now displaying on iOS devices FC-3565

  • The navigation button is now taking you to maps on iOS devices FC-3566

Desktop Fixes

  • Fixed overlapping on schedule recurring job and recurring invoice filter when Site name is too long FC-3555

Other Minor Fixes:

  • Fixed close button on QR code scanner on iOS devices FC-3561

  • Fixed an error on submitting a re-order FC-3558

  • Fixed the banner when SMS credits have been successfully purchased FC-3486