This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Updates:



  • Enhanced the view of assets history


  • **Added a function on mobile from the asset that allows users to “View Asset History” which shows full job history of an asset as well as any materials that have been used on that asset
  • **Added the ability to “Search for Asset” through the right-hand global menu which will show the QR/barcode scanner screen and allow users to search the entire file for the asset.
  • If an asset is found, it will show that asset along with the job/inspection history and materials used.
  • Access the job history in the swipe-left action on the asset list (job and global)
  • Once a user views an asset, it will allow the user to create a job for that asset.



  • Inactive users will not receive an email for Portal Access Requests from clients. Only active administrator users will receive the email. 
  • Added a setting allowing users to set an email address to notify for portal requests. If not specified, it will default back to active administrators.



  • Added history for stocktake in the stock level module which will allow users to view all history by selecting a date in the history filter



  • Set up job templates to save time on job creation and give jobs a consistent structure. It will be accessible on the admin page. Using the template will auto-populate some of the fields when creating Jobs and Recurring Jobs records.

Create and Define Job Templates: 

When Creating a New Job Users will be able to select from the available templates: 



  • Users will now be able to export their data in an easy way. It will be added under data management called “Export Data”.

  • A prompt will be shown to the users for confirmation of data exportation
  • Export per day is limited to 1
  • Notification will be sent to all admin users if an export has been requested as well as when it is complete.
  • Completed notification will include a link to a page within the app to download the zip file




  • Added warehouse and date and time stamp on stock adjustment
  • Warehouses that are set inactive will now be excluded from the list of available warehouses
  • When the option is toggled off for products that “Is Inventoried”, it will not be displayed or searched on the Stock Level module
  • Stock adjustment sorting is now from the most recent to the earliest time flow of stocks
  • In allocate stock, navigation page buttons (<<, <, >) are now working as expected
  • Fixed an issue wherein a user uses a long product name. Added tooltips on Stock take, re-order and Job (log Materials)
  • Upon creation and editing of customer invoice for Time and Materials, the notes field is now required
  • Pricebook that are designated to a customer is now applying the price-book product price when adding a product to materials
  • Selecting a source warehouse and then reselecting another doesn’t grey out the first selected warehouse on the destination warehouse anymore
  • Deletion of the item and its corresponding records on the product catalogue in the Stock Level module is now working properly 


  • Added a manual input of product code on Stock Management Mobile
  • Updating materials in Scan Item will now show the latest changes on the material
  • Warehouses are now shown when updating allocated materials.
  • Fixed ability to search materials in Scan Items and all similar records will be moved to the top.



  • Fixed when a user clicks the download file, it will now be redirected to a new tab and automatically downloads the file.



  • Users from different time zones will now be able to receive the correct job scheduled date from the Customer’s Notification message.
  • The language that has been set from mobile will be followed by desktop and vice versa. Fixed proper translation with different languages      
  • Users can now add and update asset groups via the Asset checklist and Tools
  • PDF file that has # or % on the file name can now be previewed
  • Fixed ability to retrieve custom field entry current values in the mobile job checklist 
  • Creating a job in the mobile app with a long job summary can now be saved