Allocating Stocks/Inventoried Items/Materials to Jobs


Upon creating a job in your Fieldmagic desktop,  you now have the ability to choose which warehouse to get the materials from that you will allocate for the job.

To do that, first, make sure you log your materials on your Fieldmagic desktop:

Fill out the necessary details then save

Now, go to the Allocate Stock tab

By default, the stock allocation status is set to 'Pending', once you change that to 'Allocated', you will be able to choose a warehouse to get the stock from in the dropdown menu.

In the warehouse dropdown, it will only display warehouses where stock/materials are available.

Go ahead and save it. (These materials will then be available to your technicians assigned to the job.)


Allocating materials/stocks on the Fieldmagic mobile app.  You now have the option to scan barcoded or QR-coded materials.

Access your Fieldmagic Job as usual.

Go to the "Add Materials" tab. To access and allocate inventoried items/materials choose the "Scan QR Code" option.

Scan your material

Enter the number of items you would use for your job. Then click next.

Then select the warehouse where you would get the material from. Note: This will only display the warehouses where the selected material/item is available.

The update status to "Allocated" or "Used". Then click next

After clicking next, you will be prompted if you'd like to create the item/material you just scanned as an asset. I clicked 'no' in this instance, but if you did otherwise, the material that you logged will be treated as a normal asset. 

After clicking no, it will display, all the scanned items/materials for the job. Then click "Back To Task" and continue with your job as usual.