This article covers new feature updates, fixes and refinements to Fieldmagic.

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below.



1. Portal Enhancements

Customer Portal

  • Added sites menu on the left
  • Added the ability to view the lists of jobs, invoices, assets and quotes in the dashboard
  • Customer contacts can now access current and future sites on the Portal once allowed
  • Add filters for easier searching of Sites
  • Added site record view with related lists such as Jobs History, Contacts/Tenant*, related assets and timeline*
    • *Contacts/Tenants - displays the one marked as display all sites toggle on Manage Contact Roles screen
    • *Timeline - display the activities - notes, e-mails, documents, meetings

Fieldmagic Site

  • Added the ability to be able to share a Job Document on the portal before sending via e-mail
  • "Share in Portal" is also available in Preview Template

2. Boolean Fields

  • Added boolean fields in the checklist field entry selections


Desktop and Portal:

  • Enhanced the sites drop down list. The search bar is now clear to be a typeable space and has a clear (X) button in it
  • Enhanced the display for Customer Notification option panel
  • Setting an item as inventoried will create stock records for that item for all warehouses in the system with 0 stock
  • PDF report of checklist (Jobs, Assets) now shows 0 value instead of '--' and null
  • Quotes field is now auto populated when creating jobs from the Quotes module
  • Fixed an issue wherein clients received a Delivery Status Notification (Failure) when sending email using outlook and/or thunderbird
  • Notes field now accepts more than 128 characters when converting Leads to Quotes
  • Notes field value in the quotes is now able to transfer in the job when converting quotes into a job
  • Checklist number fields and field entry number fields with 0 value is now considered as complete
  • Jobs records on the Job Widget now updates accordingly when going to another site using Global search
  • Made custom document template sorting to alphanumeric order. Default Document Templates are not affected by the sorting

Accounting Integrations:

  • Saasu error no longer occurs when an invoice that was previously synced to Saasu with a different invoice type from the current setting
  • Fixed a Quickbooks error wherein the inventoried item was created in Quickbooks and updated to Fieldmagic to be set to is inventoried, the quantity will no longer be updated in Quickbooks
  • Fixed an issue wherein an item created in Fieldmagic still syncs to Xero as an inventory type even if it is not set in Fieldmagic


  • Improved user experience for add photo and functionalities that requires location
    • Made Name field not required when adding photo
    • Fixed delay issue in acquiring location when saving data that requires location information
  • Fixed manual adding of materials and save functionality
  • Asset checklist (Full and Compact) Fault details now extend every time the user creates a new line
  • Creating new site via Search for asset is now saving
  • Task list is now refreshing even in it has more than 10 records
  • When creating a site in mobile, it will now be auto populated
  • Made all text fields are now able to create a new line when entering a value and the text count limit is added at the bottom of the text field
  • Fix the job completion when “No” on time entries prompt is selected