Reporting Use


Fieldmagic allows you to set-up departments for department-level reporting on Sales and Job Revenue and Statistics. This is a useful way to view the various types of services your business carries out visually on dashboard reports. To learn about Dashboard Reports, please view this article. 

Department Use on Scheduling Calendar

Departments are also useful when scheduling, as their use allows you to filter your users and tasks based on the department. The below example shows how departments are displayed on the calendar where only Sales Department Users are shown as filtered. We can then select tasks and filter these to display the tasks we need to. 

This is most often used to match skills or areas (Department assigned to a User) to a Task within a department to focus in on the users that match the required tasks. 

Step 1: Settings

If you are an Administrator user you can access the Settings area by selecting the gear icon in the top right-hand menu:

Step 2: Select Manage Departments

Scroll down to where you see Manage Departments and select this: 

Step 3: Select Add

Select Add to create a new Department:

Step 4: Name your Department

Next, name your department and click Save