Record Merge in Fieldmagic allows you to merge duplicate records - they can be customers, sites, jobs, quotes or any duplicate records in the system.

In the example below, I have 3 companies that have the same name but different locations. I will merge these records and select the main location as the Primary record. 

1. First I will select the records that I will be merging. You can select up to three (3) records in Fieldmagic to merge when you find duplicates.

The best way to find the records you wish to merge, is to use the advanced search and search based on the street address for example:

2. Then select Merge in the drop-down menu

3. Then select the record that you'd like to set as primary. In the example below, I chose the third record to be my Primary record. Then click Merge to save the changes. 

4. The Primary record selected will then have all the other records as child records linked to it once the merge process is completed. Once merged, it can no longer be reversed.