Added the ability to easily create a customer record and link them to a new site and contact using the wizard.

  1. Login to your Fieldmagic account on the Desktop version
  2. Go to the Mega menu and hover over Contacts

  3. In the Contacts module, select "Create Customer"

  4. In the Create Customer form, select the customer type (Individual or Organization)

  5. In the First Name/Name field, insert a new customer name or search for an existing customer name.
    - If you choose to use an existing customer, the customer record will be updated.
    - If not, it will create a new customer record.

  6. In the Address field, Insert a new site or search for an existing site record.
    - If the site already exists in the site module, the user has the option to link to the existing site (Next button) or create a new site (Create a New Site button).

  7. In the Contact section, you may Create a new contact, Search for an existing contact, or just Skip.
    - If the user selects the skip, the customer record will be created(without adding a contact) and the wizard form will close.

    - If the user selects to search for an existing contact, the fields will be auto-populated with the contact's details.

    - If the user clicks the Next button (without choosing a role and clicking the Link Customer button), it will create the contact record without linking it to the customer.

    - If the user selects a role and clicks the Link to Customer button, it will create the contact record and link that record to the customer.

  8. Lastly, in the action panel, the user has the following options:

    - No Action (Close the wizard and redirect the user to the customer record view) or
    - Create (Jobs, Quotes, Customer Invoices, Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices, Recurring Jobs, and Recurring Invoices) that can be linked to the created customer record.