When Jobs are assigned to the Subcontractor, an email will be sent to them that a job has been allocated to them and scheduled for a given date and time.

In the job task list, users are able to allocate tasks to a Subcontractor.

  1. Create a job and navigate to the job record.
  2. Click on the task to Assign the job to a Subcontractor. Click the Save button.

  3. An email will be sent to the Subcontractor. The email will contain information about the job.

  4. In the email sent:

    Reply "Accepted" to accept the job:
    - Automatically updates the subject to "Accepted: {job#}" and the subcontractor can then schedule that in their system

    Reply "Not Accepted" to decline the job:
    - Automatically unassigns the subcontractor from the task.

    Reply "Complete" to tag the task as complete:
    - This indicates that the job has been completed and the task's status will be updated as "Completed".