Getting the Fieldmagic ID of a Record

When uploading data into Fieldmagic for the first time, Fieldmagic will output what is known as a "success.csv" file as shown below in the Import Wizard. This file contains the records successfully imported with a Fieldmagic ID assigned to each record: 

Downloading this file, you will see the newly allocated ID record now assigned to the record: 

Why is this ID field useful?

The ID Field is useful when you are carrying out any of the below tasks: 

  • Importing and Updating Existing Records - the ID will allow you to update the fields of the given record. 
  • Using the ID to link a related record to its parent record e.g. Linking Sites to a Customer, will require that each Site has the related Customer ID field present in the import template. 

Using an External ID

Sometimes we have data that has an external ID already present. This makes things a lot easier, especially if the External ID is present in related files as well, in order to form linkages between your data.