FIeldmagic allows you to easily filter the jobs you need to invoice, and then create invoices for each that will sync to your accounting system. 

Step 1: Filter your Jobs

Select the filter in your jobs list "All Jobs Awaiting Invoicing" as below, to show you the jobs that have been completed and are ready for invoicing:

Step 2: Select a Job 

Within the job, you will notice that the tasks have been ticked off for that job and the job is ready to invoice:

Step 3: Create an Invoice

Select the "$" icon and proceed to create an invoice for the job:

You will be able to adjust the line items of the invoice as required. 

If the Job was treated as Time and Materials, one useful option is to "Copy actual hours to billable hours" which takes the exact time used by your technicians and treats this as Billable Hours in the below example. The Billable Hours can also be manually input as required to reflect the desired hours:

Adding extra line items

You can also click to add additional time entries and material line items as below on time and material jobs: 

Finally, click Save to create the invoice:

Once the invoice has been created, you will be able to click on the Preview icon to preview the PDF and send this to the customer:

The invoice can then be emailed, downloaded, or sent via an SMS to the customer: 

How do I know that the invoice has synced to my accounting system?

Fieldmagic stored an 'Accounting ID' which is the unique number your accounting system gives each invoice. You will be able to click into the System Tab to view this. If a number exists, this means the invoice has reached your accounting system: