Fieldmagic allows you to quickly close a task on your mobile app in the following way:

Step 1: Long Press Task

Long press the task you'd like to mark as completed. This will pop up the following screen to allow you to mark the task as completed. 

Step 2: Option to Log Time

If you haven't logged any time previously on your task, Fieldmagic will show you the following message and prompt you as to whether you'd like to add a new time entry to the job: 

Step 3: Log a Manual Time Entry

At this stage, it's best to select the Manual Time Entry as the Timer is best used when starting the job: 

Step 4: Edit Start and End Time, Mark Complete

The final step is to edit the start and end time of your task, before toggling the task as complete: 

Notes About Using the Timer Option

Fieldmagic's job timer is used to track both Travel Time and Job Time. 

Step 1: Access the Time Tab of Your Task

Step 2: Select Start Travel Time

Select Start Travel Time to start tracking your travel time:

This will then show the Active Travel Timer in Blue as below. 

Step 3: Start Your Job Timer

Once you have completed travelling, or if you do not need to track travel, simply press the Blue Travel Timer button in the previous Step 2 above and you will then switch to Job Time: 

Step 4: Stop Job and Complete Task

Once you have completed your job you can select Stop Job in the timer, and then either save your time entry or toggle the task as completed as below: 

How to View Completed Tasks

Once you complete a task in your mobile app, Fieldmagic will remove this from your view. You can, however, still access this task by selecting the filter options as below, and selecting the Completed Tasks Filter:

This will then show you all your completed tasks: