Fieldmagic provides the ability to schedule multiple tasks a job to different technicians. By default, when creating a simple job, you'll notice that only one task is created to be scheduled as below, which will be automatically created when you create the job. 

However, at times you will need to schedule more than one person to a job, and for this, you will require additional tasks. 

Step 1: Creating Additional Job Tasks

Select New Task from the menu options as below: 

Step 2: Define Task Details

Enter in your task details including the estimated length of the task in hours and click save:

Step 3: Additional Task Created for Scheduling

You will notice that the new task is now added and can be scheduled along with the existing task:

Step 4: Schedule Tasks

Click Schedule Tasks to start scheduling:

Step 5: Drag and Drop Tasks to Technicians

Simply schedule the tasks by dragging and dropping each task onto the calendar: