This article covers new feature updates, fixes and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • FC-1749: Fixed creating time and materials invoice with logged materials and/or time entry will have an amount due of 0 
  • FC-1748: Fixed Customer Invoice, flexible invoicing and fixed price billing types to have the default product for accounting sync. 
  • FC-1737: Fixed inability to create a recurring job from site and customer module                       
  • FC-1721: Fixed PO Field in the Customer invoice PDF to display once saved.                        
  • FC-1696: Checklist PDF: Removed the Performed By: at the bottom part as it shares the same functionality with the Technician field at the top.                        
  • **FC-1688: On the sites list view, updated the summary view to show the Customer Name, Site Address and Location Name (Set in Site Address):


  • **FC-1686: Improved ability to update your address in PDF settings:   
  • **FC-1680: Improved the input of line items throughout Fieldmagic (quotes, invoices, POs) to make it easier to adjust quantities now. 
  • FC-1667: Updated the Manage Users settings in the Settings Area:                      
  • FC-1563: Add a contacts relate list to the jobs record view:


  • FC-1543: When converting a lead to an opportunity, we see the create quote screen, but none of the parameters are pre-selected eg. Contact now preselected when creating a new opportunity from a lead: 


  • FC-1352: Fixed the issue when editing a field in the studio that has a dependency and putting that field in a new tab.
  • FC-1442: Added the activity type in the advanced filter for Activities.        
  • FC-1736: Fixed the issue of having a blank Product name in the record view for Customer Invoices, Supplier Invoices, and Purchase Orders module.        
  • FC-1737: Fixed the loading save issue when creating a recurring job against the sites and customers module.        
  • FC-1748: Added a default product for flexible and fixed price invoicing to handle accounting sync.        
  • FC-1749: Fixed the issue in the Amount Due having a 0 value when creating a time and materials invoice.        

PDF Fixes and Updates

  • FC-1738: Quote shows header label updated to be "Item" as displayed on quote PDF. 

Mobile Fixes and Updates   

  • **FC-1694: When inspecting assets (via checklist or direct), added the ability to "Edit Asset" by swiping left on the asset as shown below. This will allow you to update any of the custom attributes of the asset directly on the service:

  • FC-1676: Fixed Issue in uploading an image from iOS Devices
  • FC-1666: When the Checklist is saved from the Mobile App, the Custom/Attribute Date Fields values are now displaying accordingly in the PDF Report.
  • **FC-1664: Allow downloading of files in the "View Files" in the Mobile app (Supports PDF Files) - Released for Android, Pending Update for iOS. 
  • FC-1660: Update the "Modified By" field if the user answer the checklist from the Mobile app
  • FC-1598: Fixed issues when adding an Asset in the Mobile app fixed. 
  • **FC-1431: Added customer name to task list and detail page in the mobile app: 

  • FC-1312: Added a new view time entries to the mobile app under "Tools"
  • FC-1311: Added a new view materials on mobile app under "Tools"
  • FC-1666: Fixed custom/attribute field values displaying in the  checklist PDF report when the checklist is saved from the mobile app.