This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • FC – 2276 – Added a restriction to not allow a user to “Cancel” a task that is already“Completed”.
  • FC – 1868 – Now remember a user's recent preference (24 Hour / Business Hours) in the Calendar when changing pages. 
  • FC – 2116 – Document Builder – Opportunity fields now can be used in the document builder. 
  • FC – 2299 – Document Builder – Selected currency set in the system is now being applied when generating a document (customer invoices, materials, time entries etc.)
  • FC – 1882 – Added “Due date”, “Priority” and “Customer Name”  in the mouse hover information of the task in the calendar.
  • FC – 2173 – Fixed dropdown and multi-select field issues in the studio.
  • FC – 2294 – Fixed color icons (green\red) in the customer and contacts widget relating to a Site's “On Hold” status.

New Accounting Integrations now Available

  • FC- 1992 – Reckon Hosted Accounting system