This article covers new feature updates, fixes, and refinements to Fieldmagic. 

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below. 

Desktop Fixes and Updates

  • FC-2928 – Added Site Number field in the Site module, this is also added in the default site layout, list view and searchable on the Global Search.
  • FC-2848 – Fixed department not saving in the User Management settings. 
  • FC-2873 – Fixed advance search to not return a 500 error when removing the selected value of a dropdown.
  • FC-2783 – All related fields have an “X” in the record view to remove the selected value and commence a new search and select. 

  • FC-2908 – Added Opportunity Name text field in the Opportunity module record.
  • FC-2560- When entering an email address, it now auto-enters the address. Previously users need to hit enter every time to save the email address. 
  • FC-2723- Editing of Customer and Supplier Accounting ID can now only be done by user with Administrator level rights. 
  • FC-2916 – Fixed department to not display as department ID in the user list view after editing the user.
  • FC-2973 – Fixed incorrect email format and saving issue.

When an incorrect email address is added, the below alert will now show, and will allow the user to correct the issue: 

Mobile Updates

  • FC-2771 – Fixed task details in the mobile app to be able to display the original formatting of text. 
  • FC-2990 – Fixed issue with actual work duration in time entries and its setting 1.5 hours instead of 1.3 hours. Please note that this only applied to newly added time entries.

PDF Updates

  • FC-3032 – Fixed Document Template generation, when two or more documents are generated simultaneously, the user is now getting the correct document generated with the most up to date details. 

Accounting Updates

  • FC-2937 – For Reckon Hosted, Fixed the description in the line items when containing a special character an error occurs, the sync error no longer occurs. 
  • FC-2878 – For Reckon Hosted, fixed error syncing when using ad-hoc products