Fieldmagic's Job Profitability Reporting allows you to better analyse your jobs and manage your operations.

How does job profitability work:

1. Go to your Jobs Module and from there you can see your job list and you'll notice that there is a new column that shows our profitability metrics. You can see the actual profitability and the original estimated profitability that we would have made when the job is completed. 

2. To see a profitability analysis, just select a job on your list, click on our new actions button and select Profitability Analysis. 

This will show us a comparison between the labour from our work order which is the estimated time that we would have spent on the job versus the actual time that our technician ended up spending on that job. If the actual labour is greater than our estimated labour, it would be a loss but if we spent less time then we would have been making a profit on the labour aspect of our jobs. We also compare the estimated materials versus the actual materials used. There's a summary at the bottom where we can see the actual and estimated cost and revenue. We can also see the estimated profit versus the actual profit.

These metrics are derived from subtracting the overall cost of the job from the amount that we've invoiced on that job.