This article covers new feature updates, fixes and refinements to Fieldmagic.

Please pay special attention to the **Important Releases below.


Desktop and Mobile:

  • All upcoming tasks can now be assigned to a single user or move the task assigned to awaiting scheduling when a user is deactivated



  • Fixed an issue where the signature and images get corrupted when the checklist is opened in the desktop
  • Fixed an error when exporting more than 9000+ records per module
  • Fixed an issue in the app forced closing upon starting and stopping the travel timer
  • Material allocation will not proceed if the source warehouse of the material has lesser stock than the requested
  • Job address is now seen in the task list and calendar once scheduled from the Wizard
  • Generated invoice is now being emailed to the primary email of the contact or customer and the reference field in the generated invoice now has data based on the selected site
  • Fixed the missing functions (Asset links, edit and delete button) on the asset list view in asset widgets
  • Fixed an issue in the MYOB connection. Logging in with invalid credentials will now cause an error and will stay on the current dialogue.