Our latest feature empowers clients to delegate job scheduling to other clients with ease. Clients will have the roles of a Master or a Child(Contractor). Masters can manage jobs for their Child clients, depending on the permissions given. Child clients, on the other hand, can control how much access the Master has to their system for job scheduling. With this seamless approach to job scheduling and client management, collaboration is streamlined and productivity maximized.

Setting Up Connections between clients:

  • Authorized Clients - Clients who have access to your system
  • Clients authorize your permission - All Clients available to you

Note: Only Administrators can manage cross-client scheduling settings.

1. Go to settings and look for the Cross Client Scheduling section.

There are two ways for a connection to be established.

  • Manual  - The Master client will give their own Client Id details to Client B. Client B would then add it via Authorized Clients in Admin. 
  • Link - The Master client will give the link to the child client from “Clients authorize your permission.”


  • For the Master Client side

1.  Login to the Fieldmagic desktop and on the top right panel, click the profile image.

2. Click the “Client Information”.

3. Copy the Client ID value

  • For the Child(Contractor) 

1. Log in to Fieldmagic desktop and the top right panel, click the profile image and click settings.



2. Go to Cross Client Scheduling and select “Authorized Clients”.

3. Click the add button.

4. Then paste the Master Client ID in the Client ID field and select Scheduler Permission and click Save.


This is the alternative way to connect clients. The Master client will give the link to the child client from “Clients authorize your permission.”

Scheduler Permissions

There are Three types of Permission:

  • Full Access

    • This access allows the Master client to reschedule tasks and to view every task detail scheduled in the child's calendar.

  • View only

    • The View-only access will only let the Master client view details, they will not be able to reschedule or re-assign tasks.

    • This only allows viewing of your scheduled tasks.

  • View only cloned

    • This allows limited permissions only. The tasks will be on read-only and Master clients can only reschedule/view tasks that were originally scheduled by them.

    • The tasks on the scheduler will be greyed out.

Customer Permission

Child clients will be able to access jobs given by the Master client, this will also allow them to access Customer Details. Depending on the permission given, the Child client may or may not be able to copy the Customer record into their system. If the customer is copied, this record cannot be editable.

  • Can copy details

    • Allows child clients to copy Master client’s customer details into their own system

    • The child client will own the record but cannot edit the details. The record will still have its own widget

    • Contact roles can be shared in the record; Both Master and Child can create contact roles and have access to each, but only the owner can edit or delete the role.

  • Can view details

    • Allows child client to 'view only' customer details

Job Scheduler

Select Contractor

Contractors are the “child clients”. By selecting a contractor, the Master would be able to access that child/contractor's job scheduler. If there are no connected clients, this will be hidden.


Display the selected date

Go to Date

This is where you can select a specific date.

Calendar View

The calendar can be viewed:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Bi-Weekly (2 Weeks)

  • Monthly


Status of Task or Jobs. Check the status of a job by colour according to legend.

Search For Users

Search for a specific User/Technician

Task Widget

This is where the list of tasks or jobs can be found. You can view it by tasks or jobs.

Task Filters

  • Department Name

  • Job Number

  • Site

  • Customer

  • Task Name


Schedule Annual leaves or breaks for Technicians

Scheduling Tasks/Jobs

Schedule and assign tasks to Technicians.

How to Schedule Tasks/Jobs


(Task View)
  1. On the task list, click on the Task

  2. Click Schedule on the Current Task

  3. Enter Estimated Duration (Hours), Select a Technician, Pick a due date

  4. Click the “Save” button

(Job View)
  1. On the task list, click on a Job

  2. Go to the Tasks tab

  3. Click on the Schedule button of the Task you want to schedule

  4. Enter Estimated Duration (Hours), Select a Technician, Pick a due date

  5. Click the “Save” button

Drag and Drop:

(Task View)

Drag and Drop Tasks on the Calendar.

(Job View)

Drag and Drop the Job on the Calendar. This will schedule all available Tasks on the Job.

Internal Notes/Additional Information

Cross Client Scheduling

Clients may share a job with other Clients by scheduling it via Cross-Client Scheduling.

Full Access

  • Clients can move tasks across the Calendar.

  • No capabilities to create activities.

  • Can reschedule and re-assign tasks.

  • Child client may Unschedule the shared tasks

  • When the Master Client shares a job with the Child Client, a new Job Number will be generated for the Child Client.

  • The changes in Jobs are synced

  • From the Master client end, the User will have an identifier in the task description which is the company name

  • The site will become Custom Location for the Child Client.

  • This Job cannot be edited by the Child Client. Only the owner can.

  • Master and child clients may share files with each other but only the owner can edit or delete them, the other could only view or download the files.

  • A master client can upload checklists and have the child client answer them.