Allows the user to add multiple QR/Bar codes per product and use the code when adding materials to the job via mobile app. Users can assign suppliers and set unit costs per each additional code. In the customer invoice, product costs are set based on the code of the preferred supplier.

How to add multiple QR or Bar codes per product.

1. Log in as Administrator 

2. Click on your profile icon and go to settings

3. Look for "Product Catalog" under Product Configuration

4. Click the "Add" button and fill in the required fields

5. At the bottom part, click the "Add item" for the Additional Codes

Note: If the additional codes table is not displayed in the form, go to the studio module and add the additional code to the form.


6. In the Additional Codes table, add the Code, Supplier, and Unit Cost of the preferred supplier.

7. Click “Save” and the additional code will be added to the item.


How to use the additional code in the mobile application.

1. Log in to the mobile application and open a task from the task list


2. Click "Add Materials

3. Click the "Scan QR Code"

4. Scan the QR or the Bar code of the item. 

5. Enter the quantity and click "Save". The material is now added to the current job. 

Viewing the materials in the customer invoice.

1. Log in to Fieldmagic's desktop version

2. Open the job record that was used in the mobile app

3. Go to the Materials widget and check the material added from the mobile app

4. Add the same material used from the mobile app

5. Go to the Customer Invoice widget and click Create Invoice

6. The unit cost of material that was linked from the mobile app will automatically be set based on the preferred supplier